Tuesday, July 14, 2009

January 15, 2009 - Doctorate Application

I submitted my application to Graduate Division of Educational Research, Faculty of Education, and University of Calgary for enrolment for the Online Education Doctorate Degree Program – 2009 Year Intake

Why do I think I will be a suitable doctorate candidate?

I believe my extensive experience in all facets of engineering, technology, trades, leadership, and training, along with my credentials in education and demonstrated ability to be a dynamic leader and educator, uniquely qualify me to meet the demands of the doctorate program.

Throughout my career as a mechanical engineering technologist specializing in building mechanical technology, I have maintained the highest standards of excellence. After completing my MA research thesis and working in both educational and technical environments has accelerated my interest in research with a particular focus on education technology. As a building technology advisor for the Government of BC, Ministry of Labour and Citizens Services, Environmental Stewardship, and Technical Value, I became very interested in research focusing on education, leadership, and technology.

As a long time practitioner and learner of trades and technologies and with my background in mechanical technology, adult education, and leadership, it is my goal to apply all my skills to research opportunities in the education doctorate. As a product of both trades and technology, I believe it is important to bridge the gap between the two by empowering both learners and workers to be leaders in the industry, encouraging innovation, identifying challenges, embracing changes, setting goals, and applying sustainability. I am passionate about trades and technology education, as I have a unique set of skills and experiences that can connect:

• the trainer with the learner;
• the regulator with the tradesperson;
• the curriculum with the application;
• the technology with the designer; and
• the standards with the industry.

Although I believe the program will be demanding, I have the experience to meet both the time management and commitment requirements to work full time and pursue a graduate degree. Evidence of this is my completion of the Master of Arts in Leadership program at Royal Roads University in Victoria. In addition, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education degree in a distance format while working full-time.

Now I have to wait….to hear back from the University of Calgary.

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